August 7, 2017

It’s not a great day in history. It’s been rather quiet. A day of too much to do and absolutely no energy to do it. I’m debating getting coffee or going back to sleep for a while.

Jim hurt his back last week. He can actually move today, which is an improvement, but I worry about what will happen at work. He called off Friday and Saturday.

My children are angry with me. I dared to turn off the air conditioner when it’s below 70 at night. I’m a horrible, evil mother. They’ll get over it. It is currently 63 degrees. It’s quite comfortable.

I met a really nice couple at work this weekend. They were coming from Pittsburgh on 28 when they hit a monster deer. It totaled their daughters truck. The woman is 80 years old and just had to take a selfie of her very first police car ride. I loved her sense of humor after something so stressful. The tow truck left with the truck, shortly after two cars came and took them home. Everyone was fine.

My friend has a new grand baby. Number three. I’m hearing a baby boy (she stopped in while mom was in labor)

Today’s life question: When you finally buy a fly swatter, why do the critters that have been driving you nuts, suddenly disappear?