When will my guys learn?

I ask Jim to text me when he gets home from dropping me off at work and when he gets to work. He gets it right about half the time. I just sent Eddie to practice and asked him to text when he got there. He didn’t. I had to text first.

I do it so that I know they are safe. If they decide to do something after they’re home or wherever, at least I know they got there safe. It’s not a control issue. They’re free to do as they choose.

I had a nice visit with some friends this morning. Something I’m definitely doing again. Then we went and got Ed something to eat before he had to leave.

I messed up. I have the original schedule for practice and I was going on that. I completely ignored the email they sent. I know better than that. This marks our 10th year with the Freeport Football program. I know changes happen and often. Yes at times it’s frustrating and I tend to rant, but it’s just life.

Jim claims to be feeling better. We’ll see when he gets home. Jamey set the TV to a ghost show then went to bed. This is a normal happening and at least it’s not Disney like Ed is fond of doing.

Life has calmed down. For that I am grateful. It’s kind of sad that I once viewed football season as the most stressful time of year. Now it’s child’s play. I guess I was making more of it than what’s needed. It is time to think about getting Ed’s permit though. That stresses me out. He’s my baby. It would make his and our lives much easier though. I just hate the idea.

Well, I guess it’s time to start dinner so that we can head out to practice afterwards. Possible pictures in the future….