Yet, I’m still on Sunday

I should be in bed. There’s no reason why I’m not. Mini Mister has school in the morning, I have the night off, I have so much to do tomorrow.

Jamey has been vomiting yellow. Alot of bright sticky yellow. He does seem to be better today, but his appetite has been off for weeks. Yes, it is part of liver disease at times. It’s a scary part. But, not knowing if it’s liver disease or a bug or something new…. It can be scary.

Today, I need to catch up on what I’ve slacked off on. Lay away at Walmart starts on September first. That’s Friday. Two Laptops and a Xbox are going on it. I’ll wait a bit longer for mine. Ed wants a camo computer. It sounds silly, but it’s what he wants…

I’m trying to keep up with new bills and catch up old. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. I have to do better. And football is in full swing. It’s a rough time to get and stay on a budget, but it’s what has to be done.

It’s past time that the boys have some cooler weather clothing as well. I got to work on that. One way or another, I’ll figure it out. I’m just complaining. I need to prioritize better. With lay away, I’ll have three months to pay off things. Even just putting a small amount on it from my pays will make it so I can get what they want the most. I can get the rest taken care of without giving up too much. And once I can get my computer and the rest of what we lost, we will be sitting ok.

One step at a time, one bite at a time, we can do anything.