I’m still on a horrific sleep schedule

And it’s driving me batty. Hopefully I can fix it starting Sunday.

The worse thing about this schedule, is that no matter how much sleep I get, I still feel exhausted. I am literally sleeping, working, eating and cleaning my life away. Today is another cleaning day, tomorrow is sleep and game day that lasts about 48 hours. Then Sunday… Beautiful Sunday will become a day of pure torture because I have to get on a semi normal for the abnormal me schedule.

The teams are doing well. We go into tomorrow night and Saturday undefeated on both.

Clean up is underway for both hurricanes Harvey and Irma. No word yet on Jose (at least that I’ve heard. ) Fall is here, Halloween is coming. I want to decorate, but am I going to have the energy? I may get Jim to take me to pick up some cornstalks and ribbon for the porch tonight. Maybe.

I’m hoping the dollar store will have some fall leaves. I just want the leaves. I want to make this apartment a home and Jim is happy with the way it is. I’m not. I will get my way lol.

I’m rather ashamed of myself that I’m not more caught up on current events. I follow all the news stations, all the news papers… And lately, I’ve only been paying attention to High School sports scores.

Worse yet, it’s Chronic Pain Awareness month and I’m severely dropping the ball. I still have Liver Disease Awareness month in October and Nervember in November for CRPS Awareness. No matter what some people may think, these three issues are close to my heart because we deal with them daily.

Well, it’s time to get dressed, get my butt in gear and get more than a load of dishes done. Happy Thursday!