I Slept All Day

It’s 3:16am and I could probably sleep some more. Ok honestly, my sleep pattern is not sleeping all day, it’s more trying to sleep between interruptions. Home at 7am, lay down by 8- 8:30, Jamey wakes for meds at 9ish, lay down and back to sleep for 10, Jamey’s meds at noonish, between 2 and 3 I’m asked what’s for dinner, Ed comes home, ask Ed how the day went, I may get back to sleep around 5ish if not, I’m up until the next morning some days.

Today, I slept from 5ish, I kinda woke up when Jim got home, someone woke me up at 7ish to ask if I had to work….

Yeah, I’m not getting much sleep and crashing on my days off. No wonder I feel like I’ve been run over by a garbage truck.

It’s now 9:58 am, Jim and Ed are where they belong. I feel like crap. Headache, I have another abcessed tooth, coffee is not working. Thanksgiving is a week away…. My birthday is two weeks away. I actually feel older right now. Maybe it’s just the infection.

I may go get my hair cut this weekend. I’ll decide then if I’ll dye it or if I’m going to finally accept genetics and the premature white that it gave me. Grandma had gorgeous white hair…. That could also be the infection talking. Not on the haircut, accepting white hair… I need the haircut.