Do you realise that there are no year long blog challenges

To start on a birthday? I struggle coming up with ideas. And the result is usually that I don’t post. I’m making a promise this year. I will post daily, no matter how lame the post is.

I turn 48 on November 30th. I’m not ashamed of my age, I don’t plan on hiding it. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I actually work Thursday night. There are no plans for celebration. Hell, I would be happy for the kitchen to be kept clean.

I’ve been wanting a hair cut and color. I finally got it Saturday. Once the cut was done, I realised that Gramma’s genes hit me hard. I am nearly completely white. Ok I was before a stop at Walmart and 30 minutes without a shirt on…

I went very very short. It’s actually buzzed the whole way around except for a long patch on top that reaches past my nose in front and to my ear on one side. I love it. The guys weren’t so sure….

I did think about rocking the grey for a short time, but there was soooo much of it lol. And so close to my birthday…. Vanity won out.

Well, it’s time to be productive. I work tonight and slept all day yesterday. I need to get things done.