10 Things of Thankful

Between working and football, and now the holidays, I’ve fallen way behind in my blogging. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been grateful.

1) At the end of October, Jim was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The lights over the license plate were out. The traffic stop revealed things that we had no idea about. Jim’s license was and had been suspended for quite sometime. Thankfully, the officer did not arrest him, nor did he have the car towed. All that were well within his rights. Infact, when I spoke with him a few days later, he urged us to plead not guilty.

So for the past 35 days, Jim has been getting rides to work with a co worker and Dad or my sister in law, Pam, have been bringing him home. Andy ( his boss’ dad) has been taking him to road calls, and I believe Rocco (his boss) has been swamped with deliveries. I am so very grateful that everyone worked together to keep him employed.

As for me, it was a combo of coworkers, friends and my dad who got me back and forth. Once again, we were extremely blessed and I am grateful.

And today? He has his license back.

2) We had a small, quiet Thanksgiving. We kept it low stress and it was so nice to work together to put the meal together.

3) Halloween was fun! So many adorable littles out trick or treating.

4) The football team made it to first rounds of play offs. Our Volleyball team narrowly lost conference, but went on to win states for the first time in school history.

5) Eddie’s report card was all A’s and B’s. He’s pulling straight B’s so far this nine weeks.

6) The house is slowly but surely looking like a home. I still haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, but…

Yes it’s scarecrows, in December. I love scarecrows.

7) The boys and I put the tree up. I was even able to replace the Santa tree topper we bought last year. Ed was thrilled.

I have a few ornaments that I was able to save.

8) I turned 48 yesterday. Or, 18 with 30 years of experience, you decide.

9) I literally cut off all (most of) my hair. And then got rid of the gray. It feels so good to look my age again instead of 10 years older!

10) I’m joining back into the link up that I really enjoy. And next week will be harder because I won’t have months to pull from.

What are you thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful

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12 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful

  1. Happy 30th Anniversary of your 18th Birthday! And i wish you many, many happy returns of the day with a lot of thankfuls between them.

  2. Nice list of thankfuls. That was a very kind officer. Your tree is beautiful. I like scarecrows too, but I put them away this week 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. I put Santa hats on the two I have outside for this year lol. I grew up in this town, but I haven’t lived in this part for very long, the ones who know me, understand, the ones who don’t, well, they’ll learn… I don’t always walk to the beat of the drum, but I am basically harmless.

  3. Welcome back! And, despite the name, “Ten Things of Thankful,” readers aren’t counting, so if next week it’s too hard to come up with ten, just post what you can. 🙂

    Great news that the driver’s license is back!

    1. I actually feel blessed lately. I should be ok coming up with 10 a week 🙂 We have so many good people in our lives right now.

  4. Welcome back to the TToT… (still the freedom hall kinda bloghop it’s always been.)
    Totally a horrible feeling (you describe the traffic stop) as bad—getting worse) good to hear that it turned out ok

    your line …”Or, 18 with 30 years of experience,” I had not heard that said that way before. what a great way of saying it.

    1. The officer was just doing his job. The lights above our license plate were out. Jim hadn’t changed the bulbs. We have some mighty fine police officers in our area.
      A few weeks after Jim was pulled over, a young officer he knew from his job was killed during a traffic stop. It’s been rough.

  5. #8? Why 18 of course! That made me smile as I have a similar outlook on aging only I’m much more experienced than you lol.
    That is the definition of family, friends – pulling together for another. Glad Jim has his license back.
    Hey! Who says you can’t blend the holidays. It’s tough to let go sometimes. Glad you kept the scarecrows 🙂

  6. So many special occasions and holidays in these final months of the year to celebrate. Happy Birthday to you.

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