Happy Birthday to me

Was the day of my birthday, and all through the house, the only one stirring was me and myself.

Ok that’s all I got.

I am about 1/2 an hour away from a totally spotless kitchen. Then I just need to run the vacuum. My tree is up, I’ve been enjoying it all day today. I need 3 santa hats and some silver yarn to finish my decorations. Oh and some fun tack. I have a few things that were saved from the fire. One ornament from a Storknet ornament exchange.

Something from Grandma.

And the boys totally did a great job with the tree.

Mom’s plastic canvas is in the windows and a couple more very special pieces need to go up. Gramma’s plastic canvas is on the door instead of a wreath.

I need Santa hats for my scarecrows (Yes, Kelly, the scarecrows are staying up) and the silver yarn is to hang ornaments in the windows. I doubt if Jim and the boys even care where my little scarecrows are. Maybe next month I’ll have them holding little snowflakes in the windows…. Just a thought.