Everyone in your life is a blessing

Everyone in your life is a lesson. Either it’s a good lesson or a bad one, or sometimes in between, there’s always an in between. This year showed us a lot. Good and bad.

I’m not going to open closed doors by complaining about things that will never change, no worries there. There’s a reason those doors are closed. Hell, I should get out nails and a hammer and make sure they never reopen. I’m moving on with a more relaxed, much happier life. Is it perfect? Nope. Nothing in life is. But it will be ours.

I’ve been moving pictures around on Facebook. I have albums where I just backed up my phone. Pictures that most people don’t think still exist. The day that they no longer bring up feelings of anger, betrayal, or bitterness, I may just delete them. I honestly don’t see that day coming. Ever. Until then, they’ll remain a reminder of how much a person can stand to loose and still come out sane. Or semi sane as the case may be with who I am lol.

The lessons I’ve learned:

Always stand up for what is right even when everyone is screaming you’re wrong.

Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest.

Inaction hurts more than insults. It’s actually the biggest betrayal.

Don’t expect those you love to behave the way you would in any given situation.

When you have nothing to offer, that’s when you find out who really cares.

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I just have to continue to be myself.

Character is far better than reputation.

You can choose your family.

The family your given is not necessarily the family of your heart.

I only need to be acceptable to myself.

Ok. Enough on that. There’s more pictures from the Christmas parade:

And some of my scarecrows 🙂

The biggest and hardest lesson of 2017 is that life moves on. We can either move along with it and try to find happiness, or we can wallow in self pity with things we can’t change and be completely miserable. I’m choosing happiness.