My child shared

Edward has been sick for the past two days. Tonight, he’s feeling better and I’m aching all over. Maybe coffee will help. At least that’s the plan.

I think I finally have Jim ready to make our apartment a home. Or at least I brought the conversation up. He hasn’t opened up, he probably won’t, but he knows that I’m aware he’s been hesitant. Maybe this weekend, I’ll finally get some pictures on the wall.

My manager has this thing “What happens at Welmart, stays at Welmart.” I don’t think he understands how hard that is when one of his employees has a blog. Granted, I don’t think he would mind good publicity. I think he meant more of the moaning and groaning that happens when people work with the public. Added to general humans from different walks of life working together 20-40+ hours a week. I don’t think he understands that I genuinely like both my co-workers and the customers. We get some great people in there. So, I’m going to positively ignore that policy. But I won’t use real names. Half of the reason for that is that I don’t remember names very well.

We have Morning Decaf man that is in an adorable competition to pay for coffee with his Co worker S. It really is sweet.

O, with an adorable little boy who had me on a hunt for his imaginary friend who was bowling in the center isle.

The polite kid who makes it a point to come in looking for the Pittsburgher pizza.

The gentleman who shows me pictures of his grandchildren and tells me stories about them.

Morning pepperoni pizza guy who is appearantly back out west this week.

Mr T who comes in every night for a a quart of iced tea.

I’m truly fond of these people. As well as our Aldi’s drivers, our tow truck drivers… So many good people who do make the night fun.

Two of my co workers, I’ve watched grow up into the beautiful young women they are today. Another is a classmate of Jamey’s. My dad’s cousin’s son works there. A fellow football mom (her son graduated last year.) A classmate of my sister’s…. I do have great co workers (more than what’s listed here.

And they all are part of my life now. Of course in some way they’ll all make it into my blog in some form or another eventually. Especially if I want to keep blogging. And I do.

Well, off to spend time with the family.