Darn it. I skipped yesterday

I’m not going to make excuses though. I’m just going to do my best to do better.

I find myself making excuses way too often, and usually it’s honestly just plain laziness. I don’t make time. I don’t feel like doing whatever at the moment. The usual result is me getting overwhelmed with stuff I haven’t done. Conversations I should have had. I really can be my own worse enemy.

In all honesty, if I want to be a better person (and there is no doubt in my mind that I absolutely do), then I need to admit to my faults and do my best to correct them.

Laziness is my excuse for yesterday. I could have gotten on here and whined about being sick (thank God it was a 24 hour thing.) I wasn’t comatose.

I’m also not going to beat myself into a frenzy over it. I didn’t make a blog post. I didn’t commit murder. I didn’t leave my kid in a store. This is a mistake that I can forgive myself for and move on.

I have discovered the drawback of shaving your head when your hair grows as fast as mine with how grey my hair is…. The grey shows up way too fast. It’s been two weeks, the grey is really lighting up the new dye job. I should be able to fix that this weekend. Gramma’s genes have hit this girl hard.

Gramma had beautiful white hair. I don’t remember her any other way. I’m just not ready to go there…

Eddie had an appointment yesterday. Outside of the crud he’s had this week, he’s doing great. He’ll be back in school tomorrow. We go back in two months. He sees Carina next week.

Many people wouldn’t admit that their kid needs a little extra help dealing with the pressures of life. But, I’m teaching them that there is no shame in being different. In needing that crutch. Eddie has been through a hell of a lot in the past six years. When ADHD is added to that mix, well, I’m really happy that I put my ideals of “I’m never medicating MY kid” aside and put his needs first. It should always be about the needs of the child over parental ego. He really is doing great.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. Now to get my butt in gear and get a bit of housework done. The vacuum needs run, the dishwasher, a quick clean up of the kitchen floor and some laundry. Then the bathroom and the rest of the upstairs. Not a lot, but it needs done.