December 8 Ten Things of Thankful

Another week has gone by. The holidays are closing in way too fast. They always seem to rush up now a days. Heck, it seems like we blink our eyes and half a year has gone by.

This hasn’t been a bad week despite Eddie being home sick most of it. He’s fine. A bit of a bug that the little monster shared.

1) Saturday was the towns Christmas parade, and Ed had a very good time handing out candy.

2) Sunday, I slept most of the day. The big lugs in my life left me sleep through The Walking Dead again, but I watched it after everyone else was sound asleep.

3) Back in April, I was able to save one tote that had some Christmas decorations that my Mom and Grandma made. At the time Dad said I could have them, then he changed his mind about a sleigh and reindeer that the boys really wanted. The right thing to do would be to grant his wish and give them to him.

I didn’t want to.

The boys didn’t want to.

We did. We made the decision together, and walked them down to him.

I don’t usually toot my own horn, but this is a case where I really wanted to be selfish, and I am proud of myself for not being so.

4) Sunday was the football banquet. Jim and Ed went. They lettered again and juniors received a sweat outfit with their number. Ed will not only be wearing camo! The downside is that it is light gray. On my kid. The upside, I have Shout under the sink. We’ve already had a grape slurpie incident.

5) Wednesday, Ed had an appointment with Chris. He is doing excellent. Down 7 pounds. He’s happy. Adjusting very well to everything. (Despite being Typhoid Edward.)

6) While he was sick, Eddie spent time watching Christmas movies with me. He actually wanted to. It was nice to spend time with him.

7) I’ve been enjoying the tree. I plug it in when I get home from work and it lights the living room until the sun comes up. I absolutely love it.

8) The boys have made dinner two nights this week. Lasagna together earlier and last night Ed made homemade Mac and cheese. I insisted that they both learn how to cook. Ed’s not as accomplished or as interested as Jamey, but he’ll never go hungry because he can’t cook.

9) Jim finally found out what was wrong with the car and it should be fixed today. Car issues are the pits.

10) It’s the weekend. And there’s only 16 more hours of work until my Sunday off with the family. And I can sleep. 🙂

5 thoughts on “December 8 Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Wonderful list of thankfuls. Your kids sound great, I am impressed they made dinner and one wanted to watch movies with you. I miss the days of watching movies with my niece, she is 29 now and a mom herself. Have a great week!

  2. #8 is excellent. It’s not so much that one should cook (for oneself or others) but to have the capability to do so. Very cool basic life lesson learned early enough that it doesn’t become an issue.
    The holidays, I believe, do pass more quickly than other times (of year) and then add that natural acceleration that seems to be part of getting older. (or, less young)

    1. My father can barely heat up a can of soup. I wanted my boys to have that independence. They do fairly good for themselves. I love the “less young” I think I’ll use that myself…

  3. It sounds like that doing the right thing when you didn’t really want to turned out to be a blessing. In the end, you felt good about your decision and I’m sure your son will remember that lesson his Mom taught by example.
    We used to have Mac and Cheese fairly regularly when the kids were growing up. I prefer the home made kind, but some of the kids liked the stuff in the box. I haven’t had either in many years, but it sounds so good!
    Number 5 is a great report!

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