So, I’m sitting on the couch

Just scrolling through Facebook. Enjoying my morning coffee. There’s a two hour delay for Edward due to about three inches of snow that fell as I slept the night away. I heard something behind me, so I looked back into the dining room and saw Jim. I put down my phone and got up to say good morning as well as tell him to be careful on the roads. I walk out into the dining room, no Jim. I look out into the kitchen, it’s dark.

I literally said “I know I just saw you.” I was hoping not to have him yell from upstairs asking what the hell I was talking about. He was in the kitchen. He got a bit of a chuckle out of confusing me.

I have good reason to question who I saw and if they disappeared. The past few homes we’ve lived in have been haunted. And considering that I keep seeing Pharaoh, this one is too. I’ve been face to face with the little stink pot twice. And I wasn’t really thinking of him either time.

I know many people don’t believe in ghosts. I do. I have since as far as I can remember.

I am now waiting to hear from Jim that he made it to work safely. The boys are still sleeping. I haven’t started anything just yet.

For the past few years, I’ve quietly made sure the neighbors walkway was clear. They’re an older couple, the husband is a transplant patient who was in fairly bad shape… I’m hoping someone up in the area remembers them. I don’t think anyone really knew it was me doing it and now I’m worried.

Of course for here, I completely forgot to buy a snow shovel. That will be on the grocery list for this week. As well as the salt I neglected to get…. on a corner lot….

We haven’t had a major snowfall in December in a very long time. If this is any indication on how the winter is going to go, we’re going to need lots of salt….

Jim’s at work, I’m now seriously thinking of going up and waking Ed up in a panic to tell him that the bus is supposed to be here in five minutes…. It might just take too much energy. He has another hour that he can sleep…. Maybe next time.

There is now no school today. So… I guess it’s coffee and write out chore lists… I may get the upstairs done!

Maybe I’ll take a nap until my youngest realises that we “forgot to wake” him up.

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