A Late Ten Things of Thankful

2017 is coming to a close much faster than anticipated. Each blink of an eye sees several moments go by, so it seems. It’s been a complicated year. In some aspects, pretty darn bad, in others, so incredibly blessed.

This weekend, something I dreaded came to pass. Our store began beer sales. That alone wasn’t reason to fear. It was the dreaded change. I hate change. And even with saying that, I would be the first to tell you that without change, we dry up and die. Change is inevitable. It’s the one constant.

It didn’t go badly. Our shift is different in that there are two people. The rest usually have more. We also have a few chores the others do not. Granted, we are generally not as busy as the other shifts, but when one was busy doing something, the other jumped in to serve food or run the register. We can’t do that anymore due to state law. I think our main issue is going to be time management. And once more duties are introduced with new foods and such, it will become a bit more if an issue, but I don’t feel like it is something to dread anymore. I’m pretty sure we can handle whatever is thrown at us. Tonight will tell though.

1) Christmas is a week away.

I am horribly unprepared. The boys are 21 and 16, and they understand. It’s time to make the holidays fun instead of the stressful BS that has been our past. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Jamey say that it’s not what’s under the tree that counts. For far too many years, we over extended ourselves to get “the perfect gift”. Even today, I’m asking myself how am I going to pull this off.

With the income tax, in just a little over a month, I’m replacing some of the electronics we lost. We’ve already had to replace clothing and the necessities. Add on the expense of keeping a roof over our heads and food in our stomaches, the car repairs, the car payment, there’s just not much left. But I do want to start new traditions. Add some fun into our lives. Where there might not be a materialists dream under the tree this year, or any other year to come, there will be a lot of love and light surrounding it.

Because of conscious choices we have made, the daily expenses of living are more doable. It will take time, but we will eventually have what we want as well as what we need. The boys are seeing that with love, support and hard work, you can reach your goals. That is my first thing of thankful.

2) Teaching the boys, by example, has always been a goal for me. I can’t expect them to magically turn into productive, caring members of society if Jim and I are nasty old toads. This week Eddie went to a nursing home for the football teams adopt a resident program. It gives nursing home residents a bit of Christmas cheer. Eddie got to feel how good giving feels. It wasn’t anything huge or expensive, some sweets and personal hygiene supplies, and a cute stuffed penguin. But it made someone else’s day.

This year, we have been on the receiving end a good deal. In ways, I’ll never be able to repay. There are way too many to personally thank, so it felt good to give that little bit of Hope and joy to another. And putting that into my youngest son’s hands? Even better.

3) The next month is going to be tight financially. We still have a payment to the lawyer to make as well as playing catch-up with a few things. But, I’m finding that as long as I have faith, things are working out. Such as an indescribable urge to play a dollar lottery ticket with a tip last week ended up giving me $40. I very rarely play.

Then, just as I was worrying about groceries for the weekend, I received a gift card in the mail. Just as we needed it the most.

4) A trend I have noticed lately, but haven’t even spoken a lot about is how Jamey’s health has improved. Not only does his hepatologist believes that the NASH is completely reversible, but his pain levels seem to be down. He still has bad days, but his good days are becoming more frequent. It’s been a gradual change. He’s lost enough weight that a 2x shirt is snug and short, but he can get it on.

Short is always going to be an issue with him though, his torso is just so long.

5) We have survived the first snowfall of the season, and it included a school cancellation. On Thursday morning we woke up to six inches of snow. I am so glad that it happened on my night off. I would have been a worried mess about how I was going to get home.

I do have to look into getting both a snow shovel and salt for the next one. I was so excited about a corner lot before… Now I realise that it’s going to mean a lot of shoveling. Ed will help. Thank goodness.

6) It seems that the issue with my cell phone not charging is a faulty adapter. I’m extremely thankful that Edward knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say the pluggy inny thingy. My tech talk has gotten a bit old school recently.

And thank goodness for a cheap, easy fix to this issue. I can’t be without a phone right now, and it’s one of the things slated to be replaced with the income tax. I just can’t do it right now.

7) I call my one co worker Typhoid Johnny. When he gets sick, he takes down the entire store. We all get sick. But this cough I have, I can’t blame on him. Thankfully, my crew have been letting me sleep it off. I went to bed before six last night, and woke up feeling a lot better.

8) It feels good to be myself again. For far too long, whenever I complained, it felt like people thought I was trying to either get something or get out of something. To know that I can whine and have people know that it is just a general complaint about life in general, without it being about looking for pity is freeing. I’m not afraid to share the down side or even the boreing normal of life anymore.

9) We made it into Pittsburgh for the boys’ appointments on Tuesday. And found out that we are done for the year. We go back the second week of 2018.

10) A customer made this divine candy. It’s a bit of a toffee bark with pretzels and chocolate. And she brought in a bag to share for Johnny and I. Well, Johnny doesn’t eat chocolate (silly man) and gave me the whole bag.

Please join us in sharing your 10 Things of Thankful

3 thoughts on “A Late Ten Things of Thankful

  1. That is a great thankful list. I love that your son’s football team adopts seniors, so sweet. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2018!

  2. Excellent TToT.
    (One of the coolest things about the blogosphere (imo) is how we are allowed glimpses into the lives of people that there is no chance in the universe (ok, maybe more likely than ‘no chance’… but not really likely) of meeting.
    We (those of us who find blog writing to be fun and satisfying) find ourselves in areas of common interest and, with time, get to know one and other and… sometimes even more by seeing how others contend with problems, and if we’re very lucky have an opportunity to witness something that we can identify in our own lives.
    This is totally a gift.
    Sounds like things are moving along towards Christmas (or, perhaps, careening lol) But by grabbing moments of peace when they appear and letting the day unfold, we all seem to get through ‘most ever thing.

  3. The first thing i thought when i saw he picture of your son was, “What a cutie!” and i’ll bet the girls all think so, too.

    Praying all goes well for you the rest of this year and all of next!

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