How many times have we all said this?

That is a lot of the reason that I don’t post as often as I want to. Taking a negative and making a positive from it is hard. Sometimes it takes more energy than I have. But it also means that people don’t get the entire picture of who I am and the life I live.

That’s what At Home with Terrormom is supposed to be about. But I get lazy, or overwhelmed. I get ranty. I don’t want all the negativity in my life to seep out on to this blog. It’s my escape. But life is just not all unicorns and glitter. Roses have thorns. It’s up to us to remove them to share.

I resolve to turn more dark clouds into light in 2018. To say what I might not want to say, while trying to stay positive and to keep faith that we are headed to where we are supposed to be.

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