Merry Christmas!

We’re planning a quiet day. The boys opened their gifts last night. They are quite happy with what they got. I got to play evil…

I saw online about a family game that is small gifts wrapped in plastic wrap. The idea is to set a timer, roll dice, and to unwrap the plastic wrap (sometimes with oven mitts on their hands). It looked fun. So, I picked up things that normally would go in their stockings, and wrapped them in 300 square feet of plastic wrap and tissue paper.

Candy canes were a bust, they broke.

If you put chocolate in them, keep them away from heat sources.

1/2 pound peanut butter cups are huge!

Hmmm for some reason I can’t preview my posts on my phone…. It was either the last update or the switch in hosting…. On that note, I spoke with my hosting service, I still have over a year. That will give me plenty of time to get my ducks in a row and figure out the direction both my blog and my life is going to take.

We spent last night with Jim’s sister and family. It was nice seeing my nieces and nephews and their kiddos. I wanted to steal my nieces puppy, such a pretty pitbull! And so sweet.

The food was good and so was the company. Pam was thrilled to have all three brothers under the same roof even though Micheal stayed in the living room. Little does he know, I would have never caused an issue in his sister’s home. It’s called respect. Besides that, Jamey is now 21 and bigger than him, Ed is 16 and bigger than him. I no longer have to protect them from him. We kinda figured he would be there. I’m no longer allowing my dislike for him to destroy having a relationship with the rest of Jim’s family. When the boys were small, it was a necessity.

I will not apologize for that. My job as a parent is protect them.

Last Thursday morning, we woke up to find the car gone. Despite making a payment less than a month before, it was repossessed. It was a kick in the chops, we have tried to keep a hold of it, but it appearantly was not meant to be. We’ve spoken to the car company, but I have yet to find out where they took it. By law, we have the rights to the belongings in it. So, I’m not sure what’s going on. It could possibly be the holiday, but it’s making a bad situation worse.

I have no plan on causing trouble. It’s not the repo companies fault that the loan company gave us no warning. It’s not their fault that we got in this position. It’s just one of those things. We got behind and just couldn’t get caught back up. The situation sucks, but there is no one else to blame. Most of it is situational.

We’ve already gotten leads on two vehicles that we can afford. This could end up being a blessing. An expensive one since we just put tires and an alternator on the car, but that’s the price of car ownership. We’ll overcome this little hiccup.

I had three compliments at work.

I had a very good review, and the only negative was a uniform violation that I didn’t know about. I’m getting a very nice raise.

State law dictates that anyone buying alcohol must have a valid ID. I carded a gentleman who I thought was around my age. He took it in stride good naturedly and told me he was old enough to be my father. He’s 6 years older.

I carded a woman, in with her teen aged son, buying tobacco. She’ll be 39 next week and we had a conversation about age. I told her that I would be 49 on my next birthday and her son started arguing with me. LOL He asked me how I stayed so young. I don’t know if he believes me yet…

It’s softly snowing. We have a white Christmas. I’m honestly not one who dreams of a white Christmas, but this is nice. Cuddled on the couch with my blanket. The boys have gone to the store to get forgotten batteries for their drones.

I have the steaks in the marinade. The boys just walked in. Jim’s catching Pokemon from the chair. A Haunting is on TV. And we’re now all in danger of being knocked out by a drone flying through the living room.

Jim’s been hit twice now.

The rest of the week has been same old same old. A Christmas party for Jim at work. He got a Christmas bonus, that we didn’t expect. I got a gif card in the mail as mine. Ed had a movie at school on Friday then an early dismissal.

Work was boring, but it is what it is lol. I would rather be busy. It makes the night go faster. Tonight should be more of the same.

Time Hop memory!

And now:

1) Time with family.

2) A semi stressless holiday

3) A raise in pay for the New Year

4) My son’s making good memories.

5) Good friends.

6) Compliments.

7) A tip from a customer.

8) Generous employers.

9) Ingenious children (they got the drones to work. Upstairs.)

10) Blessings.

What are you grateful for this holiday?

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  1. What an excellent, if not somewhat kaleidoscopic TToT post.
    I admire your strength (that allows you to enjoy the things that might be enjoyed, despite the difficulties that seem to sneak up on your).
    Best of a year coming, 2018

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