Now all I need is sleep…

Right now, the second showing of A Crown for Christmas (DVR) is on (don’t judge), Ed is building a gingerbread train, Jamey’s laying down (weather change. It’s not a good day for him) and the Jim is freezing his tush off at work.

It’s my only day off until next Wednesday. Yes, I’m kicking my rear for that, but it will be nice on payday. I am fortunate enough to work for one of the few companies that offer full time, non managerial retail positions. And overtime isn’t an issue (hugely rare!)

Appearantly, at some point last night, I came in contact with either some deluted tea or I have another unknown allergy. My hands are broken out in hives. They actually hurt. I did take some benedryl, but this had to have been prolonged exposure for the burning to still be this bad.

It’s now much later than when I started this entry.

I ended up falling into a benedryl induced sleep instead of hitting publish….

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