Yes, I joined Bloggy Moms

A long time ago but shhhh I can’t remember my password and my phone will not cooperate, so most features aren’t available to me until I get a computer. But, I have come to realise that these people have it much more together than I do.

I’m a work in progress.

The Blog Dare

What I’m letting go of this year

The main thing is negativity. I’m trying to leave all the negative aspects of my life in the past and try to look forward to a new positive future. It starts with me. I pray it seeps into the rest of the family. 2018 is rebuilding a positive loving future for all of us.

We will have set backs. We will have obstacles. How we handle them will be the difference.

Life isn’t a straight path. It has turns and hills. Rocks and sometimes boulders. Sometimes you need to take a pause just to enjoy the scenery other times you get stuck behind an obstacle or in a huge mud slide. It’s all in how you handle those.

I don’t want to fade into the negative again. I don’t want to loose sight of the sun.

Handy Dandy Monthly/Daily prompts incase you want to join in

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