Happy Groundhogs Day!

ies and show them off Of course the little critter saw his shadow. I have a theory on that though. If I was a hibernating rodent and people dragged me out of my warm cozy bed to talk to me at the butt crack of ugly in the morning, I would be scared too…. It IS a big deal in Punxsutawney. I tend to be rather flippant about it. But that’s a part of my charm…. At least the Groundhog in the picture has the same attitude as I do that there are 6 more weeks of winter.

I accomplished getting Eddie to school and sleeping today. Groceries are being put off for tomorrow or Sunday. I did get my nieces shower gift. I had to tell Jamey to get me out of the baby section, I was able to buy for a little girl. My own youngest niece is the mother lol. Tonight should be easier at work. Last night we had an order for four extra pizza’s during our busiest time of the morning. At least we had a heads up and could plan, we got it done. Doing that on no sleep though was not fun. It was my own fault though.

I need to find a balance between work, play and sleep. I find myself giving up food for sleep these days. It doesn’t help that I currently, once again, have a nasty head and chest cold.

The Blog Dare still hasn’t posted it’s February prompts, so I’m free styling it. According to the lists, February is the month for Why do I blog? My answer is simple, it relaxes me. It gives me a voice. I can play with my pretties and show them off (once I find them all.)

Until tomorrow friends. Stay cozy.


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