It’s been a day

Not horrible, but I feel very off today. I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. Plus, I really want to just play on Paint Shop Pro and life keeps getting in the way. I’ve definitely had worse days. I messed up the time for the baby shower, some how we ended up getting there in time though. I thought today was my oldest nieces birthday (It’s tomorrow) and even thinking that, forgot to wish her a happy birthday. I messaged her on FaceBook to find out that it is tomorrow (and now shes sure her aunt is an idiot)

I made a mistake at work last night. A big one for me, I gave the wrong change. In all the years that I’ve been a cashier, my drawer is never more than a dollar or so off. I gave change for a 20 instead of a 10. I called the assistant as soon as I realised it. There’s no sense in leaving them find the mistake when I knew exactly what it was.

The bottom line is that I need sleep and I’ll be getting that tomorrow.

Obviously, with the graphics, we’re back to being computer owners. We’re happy with them. On the way to replace the boy’s phones, the serpentine belt went. We made it to the auto parts store in time. I had no idea how much that belt controlled. I know now lol.

My bank has been doing a funny little thing. The do all of their processing at night, a few times now, I have either tried to use my card or have checked my account and found it negative when I knew there was money in there. Last night, there was quite a lot still in there (going for bills, but…) So, in frustration, I messaged them on Facebook. They got back to me this morning. I was honestly impressed! The gentleman I spoke with did not immediately have the answer, but he kept working on it even after we hung up and messaged me the answer on Facebook. (Not a post, private messages.) That was some great customer service there.

All in all, after an emergency room visit for Edward that cost me 6 hours of work, the drama of the bank and waiting for our refund, I guess it turned out to be a good week. Now that my day is truly done and I am officially exhausted, I can enjoy a day off in sweet slumber.


1.) My kids are older, so I don’t have to feel guilty about falling asleep on them

2.) An employer who will forgive mistakes.

3.) A phone that works!

4.) That I can file our taxes myself.

5.) My computer and all it brings with it.

6.) A husband (and sister in law) who can work on cars.

7.) I got to shop for a little girl!

8.) Ed is on the mend.

9.) Spring is in 6 weeks!

10.) Sleep.

What are you thankful for?


Ten Things of Thankful

9 thoughts on “It’s been a day

  1. good TToT

    (the hills and valley of reality, ayyiee! no?)

    Sleep deprivation is a funny thing. Well, not ‘ha ha’ funny, more ‘what-did-I-just-say funny’. Remember those days.

    ‘cellent post graphics!

  2. Your graphics are a cute addition and made me smile as I read through your TToT.
    I’ve gotten mixed up on dates too, but usually it is because I didn’t remember to check my calendar, or I checked one calendar where something wasn’t written, but later found that I’d written it on the calendar in my purse.

  3. Your graphics are adorable! For someone who was tired and experienced a fare share of frustration, the little illustrations show your fun side is still in residence! 🙂

    Focusing on the good stuff… it is nice when your kids are old enough that you can sleep when you need to without keeping one eye open.

    We are human and we make mistakes. you handled yours the very best way, but admitting it right away. You have a good employer who respects that. I’ve made a few doozies in my lifetime, and I know how bad it feels, but it happens – especially when you are tired.

    A working phone and a computer… win-win! Life is looking up! 🙂

    It is great that you can file your own taxes and not have to pay someone. I’m glad you are getting a refund too, like us, I’m sure you can quickly put that too good use.

    Having family that can work on cars is such a blessing. Car repairs are super-costly and it’s hard to trust someone you don’t know. I learned about a serpentine belt one time too, who knew? 🙂

    I would love to get to shop for a little girl, it’s been a long, long time!

    I am thankful along with you that Ed is on the mend again. He’s been through so much.

    Spring in six more weeks… YES! Winter is just plain depressing, we need warm days and green growing stuff to recharge our batteries!

    Sleep is the great healer. When we are kids bedtime seemed like a punishment, now we eagerly fall onto the pillows and hope for rest and happy dreams. I hope you were able to catch up a little!

    Wishing you a much better week ahead, and time and energy to be creative. Your graphics are not only great therapy, they are good, and we enjoy seeing them! XO

    Josie Two Shoes ~ TToT

  4. Oh, sleep deprivation really can mess a person up. Be sure to catch up on your rest before tackling your taxes! An error there could be so much worse that making the wrong change.

  5. I knew my kids were grown up when I started going to sleep before they did! We should have daffodil shoots popping up here in a couple of weeks, so I’m hopeful that spring is LESS than 6 weeks away! I’m DONE with winter!

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