I need to take my own advice

A huge part of my problem is over thinking. I do it on all things. I drive myself completely batty with it. I need to learn to just do it.

Today, I started by making graphics detailing everything I need to do for every day, but in actuality, what I really need to do is start healthy routines. I am so fond of saying that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, yet when it comes to my own life, I gotta have it right now. Life doesn’t work that way. I can’t break things down into doable pieces, I have to do it all at once, which leads to an even bigger mess than what I started with. Or a complete shut down. I want change. Real change. Healthy change. The only way to do that, is one step at a time.

I’m telling myself all of this, I’m telling you this, but if I don’t force myself to actually do it. I will fail. And it’s not going to be an easy change for me. I’m scatter brained. I start out getting a cup of coffee and walk out with a clean kitchen and a cold cup of coffee waiting for creamer. Accountability is going to be about setting up those routines, making them every day and stopping the shut down. And it will be something I can pick back up after being sick for a day or two with no real issue.

Accountability will be stopping the over thinking and actually remembering that when the 23rd is instead of missing that appointment. Or remembering to make that appointment. Accountability will take time, but thats ok, I have time and a group of guys I can bully into chores. I’m not alone. I have them to drag right along with me.

This week, besides trying to actually get some sleep, I will take the time to recognize my daily routines as they are now and see what I need to change in order to be the most productive. Once I stop over thinking everything, maybe I won’t be so exhausted.

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