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I’ve never been great at a Wordless Wednesday. I don’t get to take pictures very often (sometimes because I actually forget I have a camera on me 24/7) and I’m just not a wordless person. I feel the need to explain EVERYTHING. It can be rather annoying. So, I thought that I could use Wednesdays to share different products and things I have found throughout the week that help me in my day to day life, or just things I actually like. Funny things, sad things…. Just my finds through out the time I spend online or out in the world. At first, there will be a lot of them. Thanks to Google I have close to a decade of stored favorites. A lot of them very share worthy! I’m the pack rat of graphic, scrap booking, resource sites. I’ll attempt to keep it to a manageable level, both so that I don’t forget what I have shared and so I don’t overwhelm you by slamming you with suggestions.

Get It Scrapped  This is a new find just this week. She runs a cute site that I can’t wait to explore.

Pixel Scrapper I absolutely love this site! I get a lot of my graphics from there (including the header for this post)

Daily Art Hub Some of my favorite graphics come from here. They have a mailing list with daily freebies as well.

Freepik Another favorite graphic site. These do need edited before they are usable, but they also have banners etc.

The last three were some of the first places I visited once Paint Shop Pro was installed.

From FaceBook!

I love coffee, that is no secret.


My goal.

Say’s it all.

OK This one I just found funny.

This is honestly the only reason I can even breath right now. This cold is seriously kicking my rear… And I don’t feel groggy! As with all medications, please read the precautions and check with a doctor or pharmacist before taking. This one really works! (and no, I’m not getting paid for the review.)





That’s all for this week. Have you found something share worthy this week?

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