Getting a Late Start Today

I’m on my second cup of coffee. I just gotta say that this whatever it is that I have is kicking my rear. I went from not sleeping to sleeping all the time.

Coffee and Chat and Dear Diary are going to replace my personal posts. While I’m on a coffee break or enjoying my morning coffee, it will be coffee and chat. Dear Diary will be a more personal post… Both will most likely end up being random as heck. But that is just me.

This week has been fun. Sarcastically fun. Edward is feeling better, but this thing is just hanging on with me. I promised to go to the doctors if it goes on much longer. I lied. They can drag me there when I can’t breathe or pass out. There really is nothing the doctors can do. Everything is clear, no icky mucus coming from anywhere. I’m not nauseous. I’m not anymore dehydrated than anyone else who mostly drinks coffee. I just feel like pooh warmed over and run a fever every so often. It will pass. It won’t stop me from complaining.

I stabbed myself in the freaking foot at work.   I’ve been over prepping for the breakfast rush and it looks like now it is expected. It’s not all that hard, and it gives me something to do, but Friday and Saturday nights are now even more boring. What I make for the week day rush will go to waste on the weekend. I detest wasting food. It’s a social stand point for me. There are so many hungry people in this country, that it’s a shame to waste even one pizza because I over did it. Hell, there have been times that we had no idea how we were going to eat that night.

Today’s agenda is just to pitter patter around the house and get a few things done. The sweeper needs run, dishes always need done, laundry is never ending and of course those darnable clutter hot spots. I can’t really over do it. And I do work tonight.

Yesterday’s agenda completely fell through. Eddie had an appointment and the car wasn’t working right. It had no head lights. Jim went in later today and one of the perks of working for a garage is the fact that they’ll figure it out today, I hope. If not, I need a ride to work. I just pray that it’s something simple and cheap. Last week it was a belt that broke going down my absolutely favorite road of route 28. We got the car for a steal and issues are to be expected, so far we have been very lucky. We’ve put less into it than what we paid for it.

This has been a heartbreaking year for house fires, especially with fatalities, in the area. Two more yesterday. I don’t want to cheapen what Pharaoh meant to this family, he was a member of our family, but everyone else lived through ours. For that, we are blessed.

Tuesday, after the boys’ appointment, Jim stopped at PetCo and was playing with the baby ferrets. He’s still unsure if he wants another ferret or a puppy. I’m leaving him take his time. It’s only been ten months. The fact that he is actually warming to the idea is very encouraging. It has to be in his time though. Of course, the day he brings either home without a conversation will be a day that I hit the ceiling lol. I want in on the decision.

Well, my coffee is gone and it’s after noon. If I have any hope of getting a few things done here, I better find some get up and go and get going. Til next time…

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