It’s the second week in February

Ten Things of Thankful is a blog post I really enjoy. It’s really helping to increase the positivity in my life by pointing out and having me face the positive happenings every day. Sometimes, we forget to look for the positive side of every story. And they are there, we just get overwhelmed by the negative and forget to look for them.

Let’s get right into it:

  1. Jim made it home this week before the headlights went out in the car. Yes, we don’t know exactly whats going on with it, yes it happened, and yes I had to cancel an appointment because of it, but he made it home safe and sound.
  2. Edward is back to his normal self with just a touch of the same cold I’ve been fighting. For weeks. I hope he doesn’t have the same problem.
  3. During Jamey’s appointment Tuesday, we found out that Sherry will be leaving Children’s BUT she’s going into private practice. We get to keep her. I was worried about when Jamey “adult’s out” of Children’s.
  4. I complain about the 90 billion plants I inherited from my mother. Actually it’s only about 9 or 10 and I took them because they were Mom’s, she loved them, and no one else would. I couldn’t just leave them die. Not only are they thriving (mostly, the spider plants do look kinda pitiful) But they’re alive! The last plant I bought Mom was lucky bamboo, and it has doubled in size since I bought it. Well, Jim and I were walking through Walmart alone this week (rare, it never happens without a kid or two in tow.) and I saw some gorgeous orchids. The boys are still unsure why I now have one with how much I complain about the others. It is beautiful though.
  5.  I was able to read every link up to Ten Things of Thankful from last week (apologies for those I didn’t comment on, my son added HIS google account and I doubt anyone would appreciate comments from assassin boy. )
  6. My boys have learned the value of sharing that does not include viruses and germs. It only took 21 and 16 years, but they are taking turns playing Dead Island without too much hassle. Now to get them to appreciate the value of a clean room…. That may take a bit longer.
  7. The battery life on my new phone! I have NEVER had a phone stay charged as long as this does. Even brand new. Usually, once twitter kicks in, the battery just drains. This will stay charged all night!
  8. It seems like the body aches are gone (at least for now.) This cold is really kicking my butt in many ways, the body aches were the most annoying.
  9. I was able to keep most of my goals in blog posts this week. And they aren’t all together really lame.
  10. This morning, our assistant manager came in sick. She’s usually one who refuses all offers of help in the kitchen, etc. Today she needed that help. I was able to jump in, use teamwork to get things done and my “over prepping” saved my rear. The 6:30 special order was prepped and ready to go in the oven for my replacement, he still had 5 pizza’s ready to go and that allowed him (and me) to focus on the breakfast sandwiches our customers have come to expect. I was proven wrong, by myself. I really appreciate the irony.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful

18 thoughts on “It’s the second week in February

  1. Thank heaven Jim made it home! One time i was driving down the interstate when the electricals in the car started coming and going, scared me out of my mind. Let’s hope it’s just a battery connection, as it was for us.

    Good for you, keeping the plants alive! Don’t ask me to do that.

    It’s beautiful that your boys are learning to share, and please feel free to comment if you visit my blog, i have kids and do not care if it is “assassin boy’s” account or not.

    1. It was some modulator. A simple re figuring on the computer. Of course that was after they decided to go old school and couldn’t find anything 😉

      I can’t even complain about the google account, I’m the one who said that the computers were for the whole family. I’m blessed that my 16 year old trusts me enough with his privacy to add his accounts un passworded I guess.

  2. Great list of thankfuls. I am glad you and your family are feeling better. Orchids are so delicate and beautiful, I don’t dare get one for fear off killing it. Have a nice week!

  3. I have been sick with cold symptoms, but thankfully, not the flu like other family have had.

    Hope you’re on the mend. Body aches are awful.

    1. If this cough would just go now… And my oldest now has it. I feel horrible because he can’t take anything for it due to his health issues. We’re filling him up with orange juice and tea with honey trying to help him feel better. We might be taking a second trip to Pittsburgh this week if he gets much worse. All of his specialists are there. They may be able to give him something for relief.

  4. Wow! That is such a blessing that the headlights didn’t go out before Jim got home!

    It is hard to know what to do with plants after a person passes or is no longer able to care for them. Sometimes the plants survive being with a new owner and new living conditions, while others seem to just die. My mother had some huge Christmas cacti that I didn’t have the space or really the desire to add to several I already had. Fortunately a friend really did want them.

    It often takes longer than what parents would like for their children to be willing to share. I’m glad things are better now.

    When you are one person short on staff or one isn’t feeling up to par, it really slows things down, but yeah for you and the team for getting things done.

    I’m glad that your body aches are gone. I can understand the wish to have those gone.

  5. I just saw ‘it’s the second week in February’ at the top of your post and thought, ‘ah theres the reason for feeling ….’ whatever it is one feels when it’s cloudy but still cold and the ground is wet (rather than covered in snow, which is a slight improvement).
    I enjoy TToT posts like yours because they remind me that it is the little things that are good (and often go unnoticed) and it’s also the little things that don’t go as wrong that make for a good week.
    # 8 & 9: Sometimes we don’t always notice when we feel better (especially when it’s slow and gradual), very cool to stop and say, ‘huh! I don’t feel bad! I apparently feel better!’ (or words to that effect).
    Goals that are achieved! (At work, I’m totally into line, yellow pads. I write items in blue ink and put big check marks when I complete them…feels good.)

    1. At work I have a mental check list and surprisingly have no trouble remembering everything. The other shifts use what management calls a babysitter, we get away without using one because our work is always above and beyond. Spring is coming. I can’t wait 🙂

  6. Your intro is an excellent reminder to us all! It is way easier to focus on the negative rather than the positive. And let’s face it, there’s pleny of people who get off and thrive on the energy produced by negativity. (damn! can that be considered a negative comment?! it wasn’t meant to be :D) I too find the TToT a good exercise in reminding myself of all the positives that are always floating around even when we can’t quite see them at the moment.

    What a relief! So glad the headlights stayed on. Driving without headlights is scary. Electrical problem? Connection maybe?
    How wonderful you are taking care to not let your mom’s plants die. Many years ago I asked my sister to take my plants because I was in the middle of a moving transition and wouldn’t be able to care for them for several months. Let’s say, she was not you 🙂
    #5 is a good one. I have struggled of late not getting round to everyone either but my goal is to be better organized with time.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    1. A modulator. They reset something on the computer and the lights came on. Of course they tried old school first 😉 Which gives a funny story of having absolutely everything apart and it was that simple.

      And no it was not negative. A compliment can’t be 🙂

  7. I have orchids which are faded and droopy, without any flowers. Every year or so one or another rallies and gives us a bloom, and we appreciate the rarity and beauty of it.
    I’m sure your mom would appreciate your efforts. Sometimes plants are like pets, you know, if you feel that way about them. I’m not too successful with indoor plants, the outdoor ones flourish. I once volunteered to water my mother-in-law’s African violets while she was away on vacation. I forgot and they all died. I felt terrible. Now she keeps plastic ones in their places which I suppose are much easier to take care of. Have a good week and continue to feel better.

    1. If I can plant outdoor plants, they do ok, I tend to forget to water. Mom’s plants inside, I just look at them and remember how she would beg to have them watered (she was sick for a very long time before her passing. ) I was the one taking care of them for the past 10 years or so.
      Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

  8. So, the headlights just stopped working? That is so odd…and incredibly dangerous if it had happened while you were out and about. I am glad he got home safely first. I am also glad you get to keep your health care provider. That relationship is so important. Changing providers can be fairly traumatic.

    1. Yep. Just the head lights and the dash lights.

      This relationship is even more important to us. Sherry is his psychologist. He was referred to her years ago by the pain and GI clinics to learn to deal with his health issues. We’re meeting another psychiatrist this week, he will be his third in 6 years. The first two were wonderful, but left Children’s. Sadly Dr Wolfe was murdered in a fairly high profile crime in Pittsburgh (her killer is serving life) And Dr Benhayan is basically unavailable in the area where he moved to. But we have been blessed with wonderful doctors who want to be a part of his total health team. Jamey has NASH related early cirrhosis, CRPS with internal onset (liver and bile ducts) He’s missed out on a lot of his teen years and now his young adulthood, but with Sherry’s help, he is getting back on track 🙂

  9. Temperamental headlights are worrisome; I’m glad Jim made it home before the lights went out.
    I’m glad your kids are going to be able to keep their doctor; good doctors are worth holding onto.

  10. Cars never have issues at convenient times, do they? Our windshield wipers went out during a sudden rainstorm while vacationing in Colorado. And I had an electrical problem one time in a car that made EVERYTHING go wacky, including headlights, and of course, it was at night. Hope yours is nothing big. Good luck with the plants. I inherited my mom’s black thumb, although I am currently in charge of my son’s bamboo plant that he brought home over Christmas break but didn’t take back because it was so cold at the time, and I seem to have nursed it back to health, or at least healthier than it was (turns out Vincent the Bamboo Plant doesn’t thrive on tap water, so he’s been drinking Ozarko water and seems pleased).

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