Some of my favorite things in the world

My favorite funny moment of the week:

I was reading the background check to purchase a rifle. One of the questions? “Are you a fugitive from justice?” Isn’t that the reason for the background check? What in the world would they do if someone checked yes? It was one of those “WTH why don’t people and the government have common sense?” moments. I may have had a little too much fun with it than what was proper…


Note: I am NOT getting paid for advertising these products. I just happen to honestly love them. When and IF I decide to do product reviews, I will be 100% transparent.

My lips were so cracked that they were bleeding and sore. This really helped heal the cracks without making me feel like my lips were on fire. My lips are nice and smooth once again 🙂 So it ranks on my favorite things just because it stopped the pain.




Now that I know that my dishwasher problem was user error, I love having one. This is a great product that doesn’t break the bank.






For those times when handwashing is a must! I’ve used this for years and won’t buy anything else. It literally eats through burnt on stuff.




Jim works with tires. He usually comes home smelling like burnt rubber and covered in a black whatever. All takes care of all that in one washer run. PLUS I’ve ended my yearly rant on the intelligence of white practice uniforms and teen boys in the mud on our schools clay practice field. Eddie now has a perfect practice uniform every time. Added plus, especially in todays world, they don’t look or smell at all appetizing…





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