I’ve been trying all week to figure out what I forgot

The 13th kept coming up in my mind. I knew I was forgetting something big. It was all week long. Today I checked email and saw a new message from UPMC. Nope, it was for an appointment on the 14th. We decided to get groceries, walked in and grabbed my jacket since it’s finally a decent temperature, there were Ed’s broken in half glasses. Ed’s eye appointment! That’s the 13th! I am so glad that I finally figured it out.

That’s how my week has been going. A lot of sleeping, a lot of trying to remember what the heck I forgot. Trying to get prescriptions renewed, trying to get a new doctor that is actually available by bus route… And it all worked out. The 14th is the appointment for that doctor. Eddie will make his eye appointment. Now Monday, I just have to remember to call and reschedule the appointment that I had to cancel due to the car not having headlights.

With me actually over sleeping, the house work has suffered and my living room is looking more like a frat house than my house. That will be rectified tonight. I don’t get it, it would take 3 seconds to gather what they just had in their hand and take to the kitchen, instead they would rather I go bat crap crazy on them and then do it. It should take all of 20 minutes. But I’ll have to loose my mind to get it done.

Their bedroom would take a half an hour to pick up, they will drag it out to a few hours though. Half of that fighting about who is doing what. There will be countless “Mom tell Jamey…” or “Mom tell Ed….” Maybe a few, “Mom, tell Dad…” Someone will storm out. Someone will lie on their bed in open defiance. Tomorrow will be a fun day…. All in all, the house SHOULD take, at tops, 2 hours to scrub and shine top to bottom, it will be an angry, all day, affair. I may end up being the one who storms out.

So, how is your weekend going?

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