And I’m not sure how I feel about it

I have so much to do and sleeping the day away was not in my plans. Now, I’m switching up dinner plans and figuring out the evening. I need coffee before I do much of anything though. I feel fuzzy and disoriented, trying to figure out everything all at once and that doesn’t work well for me. I need to slow my mind down or I’ll crash and nothing will be done.

OK, so dinner is on, Jamey has a hot cup of mostly honey tea (Jim, I can’t touch the cup at all out of fear that it may spill. Hives are not my friend.) Jamey caught my cold from the past 30 years (OK it only seems that way) With the condition of his liver, he can’t take anything over the counter and most doctors don’t treat colds. So we’re using hot tea, honey, orange juice and vitamin c. I am highly allergic to tea. I break out in an angry burning rash and hives if I touch even a drop. Drinking it would kill me. Iced tea used to be one of my favorite drinks. Hot tea with honey has always been my go to when sick. I can’t do that anymore and I do tend to complain about having the weirdest allergy on the face of this earth. (Until a friend told me he was allergic to the cold. Seriously allergic. We both live in South Western PA. )

Oh and I got my coffee. That was the second most important part. And I just took some ibuprofen for my knees. Standing for 8 hours at a time, especially when it is such a boring night, is rough.

Oh well, I have a week to plan.


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