I read some sad news on FaceBook a little while ago

A man I have known pretty close to 30 years, who was at one time my boss, one of the first people outside of the hospital to meet Jamey (he wouldn’t remember 😉 ) passed away Friday due to throat cancer. He was 57 and his two sons are the same ages as my two sons. Mike Troup was a good man, and he will be missed at all the activities our boys had together. Jim and I just learned that he was even sick last week. His youngest and my youngest play football together, so we saw him in October. He was much too young. I pray for comfort for his four children and wife.

I got into another insurance debate on FaceBook. It astounds me how people are willing to pay for an executives 4th or 5th vacation home yet it’s the poor raising insurance costs. Making human life a for profit business and the greed associated with it is what is raising insurance costs. If our taxes went into a one payer system, my families share would be $7200 (more or less) at a 10% tax hike or premium charge compared to the $19, 200 that we and Jim’s employer pays now. And that isn’t figuring in the deducible and outrageous co pays. We could honestly say that we pay $25,000 for health care. $7200 doesn’t sound all that bad. But because politicians are in the pockets of Insurance and Big Pharmacy companies, we will never see any other system in this country. AND they’re all laughing at how they have all of us at each others throats at the mere mention of a one payer system like they have in other countries.

We blame the poor, we blame the infirm… When will people wake up and follow where the money is really going? Billions in pure profit that doesn’t even count in the multi million dollar salaries to their top executives nor the donations they make to the senate and house at both the state and federal level. The Republican party is so pro life that they want to abolish abortion because all life is precious, see no problem with the fact that the American public is pure profit in the eyes of big industry. We are their whores, they play with our very lives. Forget human trafficking, Institutionalized homicide is legal in the US under the guise of not having the ability or wanting to pay for healthcare. And we play right into their hands by blaming each other for it. We’re paying for this ones health care or that ones. The ACA raised premiums because of the pre exisiting conditions clause and the mandate that everyone have healthcare. But profits in publicly traded companies don’t lie. They are making Billions per quarter let alone per year. It’s all public information for anyone to look up. But we would prefer to read FaceBook Meme’s and political rants. Pretend that we are a “Christian Nation” while following the most un-Christ-like agenda.

Human life should not be a for profit business. If it is illegal for someone to sell their body for sex, they why is the rape and murder of millions of Americans by the Insurance and Pharmacy companies legalized? Yes, Health care providers deserve to be paid, and for the level of their education (which is another flawed system in this country, but thats another rant) I don’t consider that “for profit” They are giving a highly in demand skilled service.

I could rant on Insurance Companies and paid off politicians from BOTH parties all day. It infuriates me that the American Public has turned on each other once again, and many of them highly educated, they just refuse to see past what their political party is telling them. And we keep voting against our selves. Lobbyists aren’t going out of Washington or Harrisburg because they pay. They pay big money for laws to make themselves and the companies they represent rich on the backs of the American people. OK political rant gone haywire. Insurance is a hot topic for me. Single payer would make my personal life much simpler because I wouldn’t be terrified of Jamey being without insurance if the mandate allowing young adults to stay on a parents policy is pulled.

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