Just beginning my day

We woke up to a bit of unexpected snow. I can’t wait for this stuff to be done with. No delays for Ed though. Jim was running a bit later than normal, he mixed up today with Wednesday and he really isn’t feeling that great. He actually debated calling, off which doesn’t happen often. Today’s plan is just pittering around the house, getting done what I can get done. For all my complaining about it looking like a frat house, it really is just cluttered.

I really hope Jamey is feeling better today. His cough is crazy. Yes, he’s my sickly child. Actually, always has been. From the asthma, to the ear infections and now liver disease and CRPS. I wonder how much of it is related. Other than being all in the same kid that is.

For my meandering, I have actually resisted downloading too much until I actually sort what I already have graphics wise. That takes will power for me. So.Many.Pretties.

I’m on my first cup of coffee and my mind is a huge fuzz ball. There’s a lot to do and no motivation to do it. I have discovered another little hiccup in my normal routine. I can no longer vacuum at 3 am on my days off. It’s very doubtful that my new neighbors would appreciate it. So, that chore will have to be added to my morning/after sleep routines. I do hope that it is more acceptable at 7 am instead of 3 am.

I need a dry erase board. A big one. So that I can actually write down chore lists for everyone. I absolutely refuse to be the only one doing the work around here when there are 3 adults and a teenager in the house. Ed, Jim and Jamey can all throw in a load of laundry or load the dishwasher when needed. Ed and Jim can run the vacuum (sweeper) Everyone can water the plants and everyone SHOULD be picking up after themselves. Ed and Jim take turns with the trash, when I complain. I shouldn’t have to complain. I have the perfect wall to turn into a command center in two rooms. I’m just trying to figure out which one will be most effective. In the dining room, everyone will see it, it would be front and center. Once we establish routines and rules, I can always move it into the kitchen. Yeah, I think the dining room for now.

Jim will put everything on Ed which causes him to totally shut down (he so takes after his mother). Ed needs to be a kid, but he also has to realise that he does have some responsibility. So does Jamey. He just actually shocked me by taking out some of the stuff he left lie last night.

OK, this is pretty cool. I can post on an open draft on both my computer and on the app… I like this…

I’m not back to 100% yet. I thought I was doing better than this. A little bit of work in the bathroom just wore me out. But with everyone down sick, that bathroom needs fumigated, degermed, sanitized.

I just got the call about Ed’s appointment tomorrow. I need to check online about Jamey’s Wednesday. Done and intake forms completed.

So my day is started, I am being semi productive. I guess it’s time to close this up and get to work.


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